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Impersonation of Other Users and Invites


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This post is not directed at anyone in particular and has been made to make sure everyone is aware of this already existing rule.


Please refer to Rule 22 here:

(22)) Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.

This means that any user must not claim to someone else, who they are not. We've had some users in the past who claimed to be very famous (retired) crackers from Fravia times and such, when they in fact, were not. (This is just an example).

Some of us here are old enough to have known those real people from the olden times. It is a really bad thing to try and steal their fame or profiles by claiming to be them.

We welcome honest people into the forum even if they are a zero in their knowledge and even if they are beginners. We do not tolerate anyone who tries to impersonate other reversers or crackers and claim to be them.

In the same way, please do not try to bypass entry requirements into the forum or the team by claiming to be someone famous, when in fact, you are not.


Also please refer to Rule 41 in that same post:

(41) In our invite system we have a special rule. Users who invite others are liable for their invites.

Before inviting anyone in, please be sure that you know the person well. If the person whom you invite in, creates a problem or breaks some rule then the inviter could also get banned! You must make sure you explain the rules the person first and invite them in only if you know them well.

We have also noticed that a few users are trying to create duplicate accounts by inviting themselves. Please do not do that. All your accounts will get banned.

Thank you for being a part of the TC family!

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