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Dear all concerned members of our forums, 

It is hereby notified to all that the decision of all the Admins to shut down URET was tough but we had to take that decision due to legal issues. 

As the domain was registered by Soni, it was his decision to not to continue with the domain but I was offered the ownership which I refused due to legal issues and decided to start fresh as all other three Admins were not in the Team. Hence, TC was born to continue with our reverse engineering and team. We are and will be Team URET with a new name of Team TC.

No member was forcefully removed from the team but few voluntarily retired and few non performing team members were moved to Veteran's group. They still have the right and privilage to be in the team if they wish to be in the team if performing and not for name shake.    

Being the last Admin of URET, it was my decision to continue in the name of Team TC. If any of our team member or retired member has any problem and want solution, I will be more than happy to resolve it. They can contact me through PM if they want to have a private discussion.


With warm regards to all,


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You right @Phoenix, we are the same Team like URET, just with new Name !!
And ofcourse we will be happy to see our old URET members again in our TC Team as active members 😉

If somebody from Veteran wanna be back to Team , and will be stay active, then WELCOME BACK !


@Veteran TC

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@ahmedkamatso Cleaned up the thread a little... If Arttomov has any questions about his account he can directly contact the staff and ask them. There is no need for a third person to ask on his behalf 🙂

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