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  1. Hello everybody !  😀

    For my Notepad3 application, I am urgently looking for a translator to resume the "English to Korean (ko-KR)" translation project. 

    Please, send me a PM if you are willing to help. 😀

    We are also  looking for volunteers for your Notepad3 translation project in all languages, with a priority for the following languages:

    - Bulgarian (bg–BG)
    - Catalan (ca–ES)
    - Czech (cs–CZ)
    - Finnish (fi–FI)
    - Greek (el–GR)
    - Hindi (hi–IN)
    - Irish (ga–IE)
    - Norwegian (nb–NO)
    - Portuguese Brazilian (pt–BR)
    - Spanish Latin America (es–MX, es–??)
    - Ukrainian (uk–UA)
    - etc …