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Hello to All. We are going to upgrade our forums soon. Please be patient when it is done. We will be back soon.

From Today on every User will Need to Login with his Email , Not Username !

We have closed Registration for new Members for a while, the Registration will be opened after Update !!
We dont accept any fake, spamm, trash(10min) !
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  1. Hello everybody ! 😀 
    We are looking for volunteers for our **Notepad3 translation project** for many languages, with a priority to the following languages:
    Please, send me a PM if you are willing to help. 😀
    - Bulgarian (bg-BG)
    - Chinese Taiwan translation (zh-TW)
    - Czech (cs-CZ)
    - Finnish (fi-FI)
    - Greek (el-GR)
    - Hindi translation (hi-IN)
    - Indonesian translation (id-ID)
    - Irish (ga-IE)
    - Norwegian (nb-NO)
    - Portuguese Brazilian translation (pt-BR)
    - Romanian (ro-RO)
    - Spanish Mexican translation (es-MX)
    - Turkish (tr-TR)
    - Ukrainian (uk-UA)
    - Vietnamese translation (vi-VN)
    - etc...